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Rapid Ways Truck Leasing, Inc.
3940 Great Midwest Drive
Kansas City, MO 64161
Phone: 816-455-7262

Rapid Ways Truck Leasing has been serving the transportation industry since 1951.

At Rapid Ways we realize your business is unique. That's why our leases are specifically designed for each customer - we devote our time to trucks so you don't have to. Our flexibility lets you choose how you use our services - whether you are renting, leasing or simply need maintenance. We'll even handle the details -- such as fuel tax reporting -- if you wish.

There are many reasons to lease instead of own - and Rapid Ways offers you many more. Our association with Westfall gives you the unique opportunity to buy, rent, lease and service your vehicles all at one place.

At Rapid Ways, our focus is always on our number one priority, our customers. Call us today at 816-455-7262 to learn the benefits of becoming one.
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